Wherever you're styling you has just become that much easier.  In this 3 part session my goal is to enhance your personal style and develop your image. I will consultant you on everything from finding the right clothing and accessories for your life style and body type, making your wardrobe work for you. In addition to showing you how to shop and sharing tips on where to shop. Building your new look one session at a time. At the end of each session an overview email will be emailed to you highlighting key points from our session.

Personalized 10 page digital guide book will be sent to you at the end of your 3 part session.

Digital Guide Book Includes:

-5 Digital Outfit ideas - (all purchasable online)

-A list of where to shop with your budget (online & your local boutiques)

-Your inspiration style board for the season

-Clothing styles to incorporate with your current wardrobe


Your wardrobe facelift begins with a closet evaluation. During this process I’ll edit out the pieces in your closet that are dated, unflattering and not needed. I will then work on putting looks together with the pieces we decide to keep. Your wardrobe will be reorganized by color and section. Afterwards, you'll be photographed in complete ensembles for you to reference on days when you have nothing to wear!  At the end of the service a personalized shopping list will be made and a shopping strategy will be set in place.



This trip is customized based on your style and budget.  The selected boutiques have all been scoped out prior to your appointment, making for a smooth and relaxing shopping experience as we peruse around the hottest specialty boutiques. During the fitting, I will pull together full ensembles while consulting you on the pieces I have chosen; eyeing in on each outfit cut, shape and fit for your personal aesthetic. Creating for you the ultimate shopping experience. 



Host your own styling party and entertain a group of your friends! This event consist of a 6 topic workshop, where I will discuss fashion and style tips, dressing for your body-type, trends, your wardrobe and an open Q&A. I will show you how to put outfits together and key ways to accessorize. Enjoy this workshop while getting glammed! This service includes a glam team (hair/makeup-artist and manicurist). Get pampered and primp, we all deserve to be princesses for the day. 

          3- hr event with location of your choice


Look your best while on vacation without spending countless amount of hours trying to figure out what to wear. Whether it's a weekend trip to Monaco or a business trip to London, I've created this service for that individual to take the stress off of looking your best! Creating effortlessly chic ensembles prior to your trip and photographing you in finished looks for you to reference. I pack your bags with the right looks for all occasions.