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Hello! My name is BeverlyO and I am a Celebrity Fashion Stylist! I am est known for my trendy, innovative and bold style decisions. I was introduced to the fashion industry as a teen model and since then have passionately cultivated my style and fashion sense, while also making waves throughout the industry. Coming from a public relations background, I worked with iconic fashion brands such as Lanvin and Christian Louboutin. Shortly after my transition from public relations to styling, my editorials got featured in international fashion publications like Vogue Italia, Made in Brazil, Jones Magazine, Elle Vietnam, and Fault UK. My celebrity client list includes Rosa Salazar, Matt Passmore, Stephanie Szostak, Eleanor Lambert and Victoria Secret model, Barbara Fialho. I was also the Head Wardrobe Stylist on Underground Cops for which I received my first IMDB credit! (Now that's something I had never expected!)

Other than my usual work of celebrity styling, I also love to help charitable organizations in any way I can because I firmly believe that clothing has the power to make someone feel good and make a difference in someone's life. A few organizations I would like to give a shout out to would be Bottomless Closet (organization that helps disadvantage NYC women get back into the workforce), and Project HEAL (a non-profit organization that raises funds for eating disorders treatment of girls around the U.S.). I am also a proactive member of UWIB (United Women In Business) group that collaborates events and workshops to empower women.

In addition, I am also a MYrago ambassador and host three experiences: Shop in Private Showrooms with me where I take you to some of the hottest showrooms you have heard of but can't go to due to the exclusivity associated with it; Shop in Offbeat Boutiques where I take you through some of the local NYC boutiques that you have never heard of but offer authentic NYC fashion and last but not the least, if you are budget-conscious, don't worry I got you covered! We can do a Private Shopping on a budget. Now that you know enough about me, lets take a look into my typical 'Day in the Life'

5 AM: I usually start my day with a snooze, I make sure I never snooze for more than 15 minutes. Fine! I'm up, it's 5:20 and I'm in bed checking emails and planning my day.

6 AM: My outfits are usually prepped the night before so getting ready is simple. I start with some "me time" have breakfast and read up on a couple of my favorite blogs

6:45 AM: I'm out of my house and head to my weekly networking meeting - HA! I know it's early :)

7:30 AM: Business networking meeting in progress

8:45 AM: Started my day with 2 business referrals before 9AM - not a bad start to the day.

10 AM: Showroom and press preview appointments - I'm here to check out what's hot for the season and what my clients should be wearing.

1 PM: Potential client lunch meeting, consultation in progress and scheduled appointment is made for the following week

3 PM: Conference call with a boutique or store about partnership opportunities, stylist commission program and future event collaborations

4 PM: I made it to the boutique where I'm pre-shopping for my client. I'm selecting the pieces we discussed, items she needs in her wardrobe and key pieces to elevate her style (somewhere in between all of this I'm usually snacking on a granola bar)

5:30 PM: Styling session and editing in process

7:30 PM: Styling session complete and everyone is happy! My client feels confident in her new pieces and a 2nd appointment is made (winning)

8 PM: Outfit change and getting ready for dinner with friends!

10 PM: After 2 glasses of savignon blanc and tuna tartare, I'm exhausted!

10 :30 PM: I made it to bed feeling like a superwoman..catching up on my favorite tv shows while I look at my emails coming in and wonder why people are working so late...its a wrap

11 PM: Good Night!!

Posted on December 5, 2017 .