When I was in need of some new business attire I turned to Beverly and Project Bee. Beverly helped me save time and money and come away looking very sharp. I still receive many compliments whenever I wear the clothing we picked out together. She has excellent tastes. Like many people, I get impatient pretty easily while shopping. Beverly's process is painless - even fun. Most importantly, the clothing fit perfectly and helps me represent myself and my business in a professional, and dare I say, stylish manner. Beverly is great and I look forward to turning to her for future wardrobe needs.

-David M.


"Fashion forward, fun, beautiful on the inside and out..Beverly will help you graciously, boldly, courageously merge who you are on the inside with how others see you on the outside.

-Laura B.


The moment that Beverly O. walked into my life was the moment my life changed for the better.  I am not only lucky to call Beverly my friend but she truly is an angel.  As a busy New York woman trying to stay on top of your closet let alone fashion trends in general can be extremely overwhelming.  Beverly’s calm demeanor along with her knowledge of the fashion industry makes for a lovely girls night in where you feel like you have been productive mentally and physically.  She has the ability to help cleanse you closet and your soul.   She not only found old treasures in my closet but she was able to work themback into my wardrobe along with new pieces that she found along the way in the process.  She is an asset to any male or female who wants to stay organized and stay on top of fashion trends without breaking the bank.

-Emily R. 


Beverly was a pleasure to work with!  She first did an assessment of my closet to get a sense of my style.  She then put together a series of outfits from my existing wardrobe that were creative, interesting & lovely!  We then identified my current wardrobe needs and she went to several stores to put aside outfits she thought I would like.  I met up with her to try on all the outfits and ended up with a bunch of neat new things in about a quarter of the time it would have taken me to do this on my own.  Beverly offers a wonderful service for the busy professional who loves both fashion and efficiency!  She has a warm and professional disposition and I would gladly work with her again.  Most highly recommend!

-Dr. Anna Y. 


What a great experience it was to work with Beverly. Before she came into my closet I had many pieces of clothing that had been sitting for years because I had no clue how to wear them. I also had pieces that were just sitting there taking up space because I never got a chance to get rid of them. Once Beverly got her hands on my closet I was finally able to see how many pieces I forgot I owned as well as getting rid of the ones I would have most probably never have worn. She also helped me put outfits together this way I always had an outfit in my closet. I had a great time working with her and can't wait to work with her again!

-Laurie S


Beverly was extremely helpful with putting my looks together for my European vacation. At first, it was a challenge for me because I was traveling to several countries in Europe via yacht, train and plane. Also most countries had different climates, so I needed to put together looks for different weather conditions and occasions. Thanks to Beverly, I looked fabulous everyday! She managed to help me put looks together that I never even thought of! Will definitely use her services again!

-Lucy H.


Beverly worked with me last summer to overhaul my wardrobe.  First she went through every piece in my closet to weed out items that no longer worked, fit or were out of style.  Then she began re-imagining outfits from my remaining wardrobe.  She put together a series of outfits for both work and going out that combined my existing pieces with a new, fresh perspective.  She also took advantage of my accessories and showed me ways to use scarves, belts and layering necklaces that I could use across my wardrobe to create a variety of new looks.  She photographed all the new outfits and provided me with a look book so whenever I was pressed for time I could quickly pull up a "go-to" look, including the shoes and jewelry, and get out the door. Overall, working with Beverly was a pleasure.  She listened to my goals and needs and was able to create combinations that reflected my personal style... but a much better version of it!

-Elaine P.